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Over 10,000 aeroplanes are normally in flight at any one time around the planet. In March 2020, the coronavirus decimated air travel and the drone of aeroplane engines overhead all but ceased.  By mid-April over 14,000 passenger planes around the world, 65% of the global fleet, had been placed in storage. Earthbound looks at the problem of finding parking space for this number of aircraft, in an industry not designed for that number of aeroplanes to be anywhere else apart from in the air.

Mimeograph artist book, 220mm x 180mm x 5mm, 2020.  Twenty one page book + front and back cover, produced from stencils cut on an impact dot matrix and printed on a Gestetner Neo Cyclostyle duplicator c. 1890 on Munken Pure Rough 120gsm paper, using black Gestetner ink and medium blue Riso soyink. Of the twenty one pages, three differ in each copy.

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