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Revisions – Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane 2016

Revisions is the culmination of a year-long engagement with Dublin City Council, part of the Public Art Programme, Interaction With The City.   Working within the Council, I engaged with staff in Housing, Architectural and Engineering Departments who draw or read drawings as part of their everyday work.  I looked at plans for numerous project in DCC’s extensive archive of drawings that map the development of the city over a 100 year period.   I made site visits to contemporary projects, in progress at the time, such as the construction of the Rosie Hackett bridge (2014) and to Dolphin House, Rialto where an extensive re-dvelopment programme was in the planning stages.  I had conversations with staff around the role of drawing within the City Council and how this has changed and developed over the years.  The work in this exhibition examines the inherent visual complexity and knowledge conveyed through this large repository of drawing plans that are the key to the development and construction of much of Dublin City’s infrastructure.