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Carriage Return | Dlr Lexicon Municipal Gallery | 2018

This exhibition was created as the dlr Visual Art Commission Award 2018.  It explores the interface between the language of drawing and other written languages currently used in Dún Laoghaire Rathdown.  In this new body of work, I investigate mark making in the context of language: drawn, written and programmed.  In a wide consultation process, people in the county generously gave samples of the many types of language they use in formats that include; hand written or emailed prose, notes, lists, computer code print outs, recipes, poems, news article, songs.  As artist in residence in The College of Engineering and Architecture UCD 2017, I also examined the impact of technology on their visual expression.  Each language is considered as an arrangement of marks and lines, examining the complexity and beauty of new and established patterns of communication.  The transcription may mask the legibility of the original, but it strives to maintain the rhythm of the marks and the pattern of the lines.